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Begeisternd. Belehrend. Witzig.

To my students,

Don’t settle for poorly thrown pots just because it’s more convenient to keep what you already have made. Have the courage to say “no!” and recycle that pot; re-center it, and do it right. This how you will grow as a potter.


Alle haben eine Gabe, aber mir erscheint es, als ob alle eine andere haben wollen. Bleib bitte, wie Du bist.

— Alles im Griff

Isabella Bilstein Ceramics

Ceramics Can Help Combat Depression

If you’ve ever pushed your hands into a piece of wet clay, you’ll likely have a sense of the therapeutic properties of the material. The physicality of clay, and its vast potential for creativity, have attracted artists, artisans, and amateurs for centuries…

Wie viel kostet das?

“Thirty dollars for a mug! How long did it take for you to make that?” Anyone who has ever sold pottery at an art festival has probably heard a similar question in response to the prices of their work. And many have appropriately responded, “Oh, about twenty years” or whatever the number of years it has been that they have been developing their work and their voice in clay.

Wir suchen Kontinuität statt Perfektion

Teller drehen

Whichford Pottery

18-year-old arts student creates ceramic-dispensing vending machine to question how much we value art

At first glance, Hans Chew’s vending machine may not look out of the ordinary. Standing in the School of the Arts Singapore (SOTA), it blends right in to its surroundings – why would anyone bat an eyelid at a vending machine, especially in a school, where most of its students are probably fueled on microwave foods and fizzy drinks anyway?

Bisque Molds & Texture

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